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Natural stone and engineered quartz countertops could give your space a high-end look that you might be looking for. These stones can also transform a room, depending on what you pair it with and your lifestyle altogether. And, maybe, best of all it could add value to your home once they're installed. These days there's so many options you can go for, so it can definately be overwhelming when you're on the process of picking which countertop you should get.

When choosing which material you want to go with, we recommend asking yourself and you installer a few questions first.

Do you like maintenance tasks?

Your lifestyle has a direct influence on the type of material you should go for. If you are always on the go and don't love housework, go for a low maintenance material that you can you can easily take care of. In that case, the best choice would be engineered quartz.

Do you love cleaning, polishing, and don’t mind showing your countertops some love? Your options expand to include porous types of natural stone.

Before you install porous countertops, you should note you need to seal them periodically every 3-6 months.

Do you love cooking?

If you have a family and you love to prepare your meals at home, you need a durable, tough material that is easy to clean. One of the materials to go for would be, again, engineered quartz.

Regardless of the material you settle for, remember you have to protect it from heat and hot cooking appliances.


Usually, the busier the engineered quartz slab is, the more expensive it will be. Simpler designs could be less expensive.

For natural stone its really depends from stone to stone. Give us a call and get your estimate today! We will help you get the countertops the best suits you.

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