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All Granite & Marble does two types of template: laser and plastic. The laser templator significantly increases the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of templating. However, there are some cases where the plastic is preferable. Please check our blog post about plastic templates (coming soon) for more information.

With the laser as a tool, our technicians are able to do measuring over existing and new countertops with great precision. As you will see in the video, all we need to do is position the laser, aim and shoot to scribe* the wall to create the perfect fit. After a few quick clicks a countertop forms on the app. The tech then checks overhangs, corners and adds radius. With a simple tap they draw the back splashes, a precise sink center line and any cutouts that the customer requests. Finally the software automatically draws countertops as points are measured and the template is ready for fabrication!

Scribe: A technique that allows us to fit countertop on crooked walls.

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