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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Slabsmith layout has been a part of our company for a while now. It makes it a whole lot easier for customers to view the slab that will be used for their job, specially now during COVID-19 times. With this awesome tool clients are able to pick out which part of the stone they would like their countertop to be cut from and here's how it works.

First our technician takes a digital slab imaging with Slab Maker™, which allows us to have a high quality picture of the material. Slab Maker™ automatically separates the slab from the background of the photo, giving us the ability to use the image to create your slabsmith. .Then, as the video shows, we place the template of your countertops on top of the slab image with Perfect Match™. From this point on we are able to visualize what the countertop will look like once cut.

Beyond the dimensional accuracy, Slabsmith’s color consistency allows even subtle color changes to be detected at a seam during the layout process,  this greatly reduces or even eliminates remakes from those “nearly good” seams. After creating a digital slab, it is saved to the Slabsmith™ SQL database for easy access to your digital inventory by everyone in our company.

Here are All Granite and Marble we are always looking for best technology to make our customer happy. Come get your estimate today by giving us a call at 508-248-9393.

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